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Arlo Login is a family of smart and secure cameras with brilliant quality of HD video with added features of two-way audio, live video streaming. It includes 7-day cloud recording with instant alerts and other smart features. These smart Arlo security cameras, Arlo camera system allow you to keep vigilance or watch over your home and offices from every angle, indoors and outdoors, day and night.

arlo.netgear.com : Arlo Netgear and cameras are built with smart features as:

  • 100% Wire-Free: lets you be completely free of cords and wiring hassles with arlo family of Arlo Go, Arlo Pro and Arlo cameras.
  • Weatherproof: Arlo Go, Arlo Pro, and Arlo camera setup have IP65-certification for being weatherproof and can brave the weather conditions like snow, rain, or heat.
  • 7-Day Cloud Recording: All of the Arlo login cameras come with Arlo Basic service that allows you to keep the recordings of past 7 days triggered with motion and sound for up to 5 cameras.
  • Provide a Live View: arlo cameras allow you to view live and record videos anytime. Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus also provide 24/7 cloud video recording.

The Arlo netgear login is to be done before the user can go on to use them. The user can login to the Arlo Security cameras using the web domain arlo.netgear.com. Alternatively, if the user is setting up the Arlo cameras for the first time they have to create an account for their Arlo cameras after the set up. The Arlo cameras have to be setup and an account has to be created for the Arlo cameras. The My Arlo login account allows the user to configure, monitor, control and even repair the Arlo camera setup network by them.

Arlo Camera Setup and Assembly

The arlo cameras are Wi-Fi cameras operated completely wirelessly and can be used very flexibly in and around the house and offices.  They offer easy installation and the four CR123 batteries provide the power to the camera and you need not plug it into a power outlet to stream and record the videos unlike most other Wi-Fi cams.

Arlo Pro uses its own central hub known as the Base Station to which all other Arlo cameras connect because the cameras use Z-Wave to communicate wirelessly and due to that, Arlo cameras need to connect to the Base Station, which in turn communicates with Wi-Fi network of your home.

Arlo Netgear Setup and Assembly

To use the Base Station, the setup process is pretty fast and painless and only takes about 10 minutes.

  • The base station has to be connected to your router through a LAN cable and connected to the power supply.
  • The device is then set up using Arlo app on the Smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android) which is easier and quick.
  • The app guides you to install the Arlo Base Station hub. This can be done by plugging one end of the Ethernet cable into the Base Station and the other end into a free Ethernet port on your router. Thereafter, Plug in the power cord to the power outlet and then press the “On-Off button located next to the power connector on the back of the base station hub.
  • Once the Arlo Camera setup is successfully installed, you can perform Arlo login by following basic login steps.
arlo netgear login

Arlo Netgear login

Arlo camera login requires the user to set up an account with a strong password and the base station should have permanent internet connection. The user has to register to an Arlo account to control and configure the cameras from anywhere. Here are the steps to login to the Arlo cameras:

  • Open up an internet browser and type arlo.netgear.com or https://arlo.com in the address bar. Press enter.
  • Click the New System Setup option.
  • Follow and enter the prompted information and click on Continue.
  • Select the serial number of your base station from the drop down menu and click on Continue.
  • Select your time zone from the menu and again click on Continue.
  • Your Arlo camera account will now be setup which allows you to configure or control the Arlo security cameras from the same account.

What if I can't log in to my Arlo account from my web browser?

Check the following troubleshooting tips to solve the login difficulties using your web browser:

  • Ensure that you are using the correct email address as your user name that you used to create an arlo netgear login account.
  • Ensure that you are using the correct password and if you have forgotten your password, you can try resetting it.
  • Check whether your browser is compatible with the Arlo website http://arlo.netgear.com/ And make sure it supports Internet Explorer 10 or above, Firefox 3.5 or above, Safari 3 or above (except on Windows and Linux) and Google Chrome (any version)
  • Your Internet cache and cookies need to be cleared in your browser settings.
  • Check if your browser session is corrupt. In most of the cases, closing and reopening of the browser clears these issues.
  • Restarting your computer can clear issues after you reattempt the web login.

How can I connect my Arlo base station to the Internet?

  • First of all, connect the base station to your router using an Ethernet cable. Note: the base station must be connected to your router before you power it on as it might not    get connected to your network correctly if you power it on before you connect it to your router.
  • Connect the power adapter to the arlo base station and plug it into an electrical outlet.
  • Power on the base station by pressing the On-Off button.
  • Wait for the power and Internet LED located on the front of the base station to light green in about two minutes
  • Finally Your Arlo base station is connected to the Internet.

Can the Arlo cameras be used without Base Station?

No they cannot be as the wireless cameras are not IP cameras and they require the use of the base station.

How far can the Arlo camera be placed from the base station?

It's important to keep distance in mind while you place your Arlo Wire-Free or Arlo Pro Wire-Free cameras. You can place your Arlo camera at a maximum of 300 feet (90 meters) from the base station.

How can I extend the range of an Arlo Wire-Free camera system?

You can increase the range using a WiFi range extender or Powerline Adapter.

  • You need to ensure that the range extender or powerline adapter being used has an Ethernet port.
  • Install your WiFi range extender or powerline adapter and add it to your network by following the installation instructions that came with the extender or adapter.
  • Then, Connect the Arlo base station to the WiFi range extender or powerline adapter with the use of an Ethernet cable.
  • Turn on the base station by pressing the On-Off button. Ensure that the Power LED and Internet LED located on the front of the base station illuminate green in approximately two minutes.
  • Set up and sync your Arlo cameras.

How can I sync my Arlo camera?

Syncing Arlo Wire-Free cameras with an Arlo Pro base station lets the Arlo Wire-Free cameras to access the Arlo Pro base station's features, the siren and the USB local backup storage option.

Steps to sync Arlo Wire-Free cameras to the base station:
Arlo Wire-Free cameras

  • If you are using an Arlo login base station, you need to press the Sync button located on the side or on the back of the base station for about two seconds and then release the button. Note: Pressing the Arlo Wire-Free Sync button on the base station for too long causes the LED under the USB symbol to blink amber for 10 minutes. When the USB LED blinks amber, the sync process is blocked.
  • If you are using an Arlo Pro base station, you will have to press the button on the top of the base station for about two seconds and then release the button.
  • Next, wait for the sync status LED to blink green.
  • To sync, Press the Sync button located on top of the camera for about two seconds and then release the button. Note: Cameras need to be synced one at a time.
  • A blue LED blinking rapidly on the camera confirms sync. But if the LED on the camera blinks amber, the sync is not successful and you need to repeat the sync process.
  • Check if the camera LED on the base station turns solid green, the sync process is complete.
  • Repeat the same steps for each camera. Note: If the sync process is not completed within 60 seconds, press the Sync button on the base station and try again.

How can I reset the arlo base station to default settings?

A factory reset returns your base station values to the default settings and It also removes the serial number from your Arlo Netgear login account.

Steps to perform a factory reset on your base station:

  • Press and hold the Reset button located on the back of the base station using a pen or a straightened paperclip for about 10 seconds.
  • Once the base station reset is complete, the LEDs located on the front of the base station flash amber light. When the LEDs stop flashing amber light, the base station reboots. Reset of the base station also removes it from your Arlo account.
  • When the Power and Internet LEDs are both light solid green, you have to tap the Arlo icon on your mobile device and log in to your Arlo app. You can also enter or https://my.arlo.com in the address bar of a browser.
  • Click the New System Setup and follow the on-screen instructions.

Can every Arlo camera record audio?

Yes, all Arlo cameras can record video with audio bu the Arlo Wire-Free cameras can only record video without audio.

Do arlo cameras have night vision?

Yes, all the Arlo cameras display an array of red dots around their lenses when their infrared LEDs are on. The red glow is an indication that the infrared LEDs are active. These infrared LEDs help in the night vision capability of the Arlo cameras. The night vision can be turned on and off on any Arlo camera.

How can I turn my camera's night vision on and off in my Arlo app?

When you enable the night vision in your camera, the camera turns on infrared (IR) LEDs automatically to record in low light conditions. It is recommended to turn off night vision if the camera is facing reflective surfaces like windows.

Steps to be followed to turn the night vision on or off:

  • Open the Arlo app or log in to your Arlo account at http://my.arlo.com/login
  • Tap Settings and then go to My Devices.
  • Click a camera.
  • Click Video Settings.
  • Move and adjust the slider to turn night vision on or off.
  • Your settings are saved automatically.

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